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Hi,I’m Jared!


Let me show you a little bit about myself.I am 11 years old and i’m in 6th grade.I live in the city of Lawndale,go to Jane Addams Middle School, which is within the county of Los Angeles,California(In the U.S).Something I care for is having a passion of getting better education.Every single time I put in so much effort for all of my work.Now I’ll be talking about my hobbies.

My hobbies that I love most are building things,cooking,swimming,and playing video games:).For building things I like to visualize if I were an architect because for my career I really want to be an engineer,computer engineering to be exact.For cooking I like to go outside of the box in cooking things that are not so much from my heritage(Mexican) as I like cooking hings such as Beef Wellington’s,Shrimp Stir -Fry,and much more as I was inspired by one of the greatest chefs in the world……Gordon Ramsey.For playing video games my favorite game is called Overwatch which is Super Fun.I am mostly known for my parents having a mexican restaurant(Los Jaliscienses)and i’m proud of having it as I have learned many things about having a career and it has taught me lots of things in my life


Anyways,Now you get to know a little bit more about me and I hope I can hear from you later:)!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jared! I think it’s cool that you live in California, in fact I was born there too. I find it nice that your parents own a mexican restaurant. Is that where you get your interest in cooking from? You should check out my blog http://kimg17.edublogs.org/!

    • Hello Kim,
      I noticed that you visited my blog!I think it’s cool that you moved from California to Ohio.I am also fluent in Spanish and English and both of parents are also Mexican.Yes,I did get my interest in cooking from my parents.Anyways now I know a little bit more about you and thanks for checking out my blog:)

  2. Hi Jared. I believe it was fascinating how we both have similarities. Even though I am in the ninth-grade, I found that you want to be a computer engineer, which is what I would like to study for in the future. Also, I love Overwatch it is super fun!

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