Goodbye to all.

During the time I have done the student blogging challenge,I was able to interact with many people from other countries.I would like to thank all the people that have gave me feedback and Ms.W for giving us the opportunity.I hope that I can do this in the future agan and thanks to all.

My Family

Let me talk to you now about my family.Currently at my household,it’s only myself and parents.but when everyone is at the house it’s us 3,my brothers,and my cousins.I am the youngest one out my brothers as it’s five of us.My oldest brother is 30,who is the manager of  a restaurant called Saddle Ranch.Then I have a brother that’s 24 who is working at mortgage funds and a 22 year old brother who works at Univision.My 20 year old brother is currently at U.C.Davis


How to Comment

Hi I’m Jared and i’m going to show you  how to comment!

First you need to put in a compliment in your comment to brighten their day

If you are going to tell them to fix something,start off with the positives then jump in to what they need to work on

If you hear someone comment really bad,make sure to disapprove and not listen to what they said

When your post gets commented,try to reply back to the person and read their blog

Go through multiple blogs and post,and comment on their ups and downs